Zeina Moussa Dbouk

Director of Trainings and Programs Hardwired Global

Zeina Dbouk is a passionate educator who is currently the director of training programs in Hardwired Global and is highly regarded for her contributions to research and publications. With over 20 years of experience in formal, informal and non-formal education, she has served as a vice principal, curriculum director, consultant, head trainer in the MENA region, and a university instructor, an IB-TOK coordinator and language department head. Zeina is also an active citizenship trainer with ALF and YSI Ireland.
Zeina’s expertise encompasses Curriculum Development, Research, Training, Public Speaking, and Project Development. Her background in cross-cultural education and the pedagogy of conceptual change makes her a valuable asset to the organizations she supports.
Zeina’s dedication to empowering educators and fostering supportive learning environments that encourage critical thinking, conflict resolution, justice and advocacy has made her an invaluable resource in the field of education. She is a lifelong learner and a proud mom.

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