Vikas Singh

Head of the Department Design and Arts- GEMS International School Al khail

With a robust design-led background, technical and commercial aptitude, Vikas Singh has had over 13 years of international experience across all aspects of education. Vikas aims to revolutionize curriculum development that combines 21st-century skills within the overarching umbrella of Design and Arts, which assures student success through innovation, strong leadership, and effective management. He has hosted DIAMUN, Dubai, three times as MUN Director and participated in multiple international conferences, such as THIMUN Hague, CGSMUN Greece, NASA space camp in Florida and Atlanta, and judged several national Robotics competitions. Vikas’s outstanding work and leadership have helped him secure many significant positions. His most recent project GEMS Centre of Excellence in Aeronautics, Aviation and Space, in design thinking has inspired several teachers to change their traditional approaches to teaching and learning. Challenge and Engagement are his buzzwords and Vikas ensure that each student has a positive and productive learning experience for every lesson.
Head of Secondary Design and Arts, GEMS International School, Dubai Hills.
Director for GEMS Center of Excellence in Aviation, Aeronautics and Space.

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