Sharin Tebo

Middle School Principal-Ignite School

I continually seek out new challenges, professionally and in my personal life. My WHY is “Impact Through Connections” and my core values are Integrity and Be Me, which I wear around my neck and wrist, respectively. I am humbled to serve, and I simply enjoy helping others. The work I do is to serve, build strong relationships, and empower others to see possibilities for their tomorrow.

When I am not investigating, researching, networking, or learning something new, I enjoy an active lifestyle of running, playing soccer in a women’s league, socializing with friends, trying new foods, and travelling the world. A 10-time marathoner, I set goals and create opportunities for myself. Had I not stepped away from my home base in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I doubt I would have had the plethora of experiences, challenges, and adventures of different cultures and worlds. You just never know where life will take you next!

My Sessions