Shady El Kassas

Director of Innovation Alttihad National Private School

Shady is a multiple award-winning and passionate Egyptian educator working in the United Arab Emirates. He is a winner of the Khalifa Award of Education Excellence, and Middle East Education Influencer Award winner. Since his childhood, he had looked forward to a career in teaching, and becoming a committed educator providing high standards and practices in the education of young people. He believes that the capstone of education is to give every student equal opportunities to learn and for this reason, a true educator is the one who acknowledges, respects, and appreciates students’ diverse backgrounds, learning styles, intelligence, and abilities. Following this perspective, he has centred his teaching repertoire around the concept of searching for the best way to meet students’ individual needs.

As a school leader, Shady communicated the same message to his team members. He is a STEM advocate and speaker in the MENA region. He has taken initiatives to adopt project-based learning (PBL) and inquiry-based learning (IBL) methodologies to create a new foundation of STEM learning in school. He strongly believes that leadership has a strong influence on education reform and he takes initiatives to communicate is a vision not only inside my school but also outside.

Shady has been selected to be a speaker in three international education conferences in the region – GESS-Dubai 2016, 2017, and Fatih Educational Summit in Turkey 2016. He was also a GESS education award finalist for two years (2016 & 17). Shady is the director of innovation at Alttihad National Private School – Al Ain. For the past few years, he has been associated with Sharjah American International School. With Robotics being of particular interest to him, he has led the School Robotics team and helped them win many awards at international events. He has also been invited to speak at events like TEDx and GESS (Global Educational Supplies and Solutions Exhibition).

His qualifications include Masters of Science in Education, Executive Management Diploma and Bachelor of Science, Apple teacher, Google Certified Educator, and Microsoft Innovative Educator.

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