Philippa Wraithmell

Head of Computing and Digital Integration at Repton Abu Dhabi, Apple Distinguished School

Philippa is from the UK and has been teaching with technology for over a decade. Originally Head of Design & Technology in low-income-communities, with a focus on ensuring that every child was offered the opportunity to succeed no matter the circumstance. Three years ago, her passion for technology brought her to the UAE. Initially working to embed technology within her own department leading STEAM and Primary Computer Science. Her passion and enthusiasm quickly spread to whole-school technology integration. Leading the Digital Vision for Repton Abu Dhabi, writing their Apple Distinguished Schools book and hosting a range of Digital & Robotics breakouts. Over the last two years, she has been on-boarded as an Apple Professional Learning Specialist, which sees her supporting schools across the UAE integrating the systems and device use across large schools. More recently she gained Apple Distinguished Educator status, sharing and collaboration with schools and educators across the Emirates. Believing that with the right leadership, training and resources, schools can successfully embed a meaningful device use. Supporting digital communities within schools, highlighting the need for Digital safety as well as meaningful digital pedagogy. A device should enhance, not take control. Empowering teachers to teach efficiently.

Inspiring Leaders To Consider All Aspects Of A True Digital Education; Strategy, Support, Digital Safeguarding & Stakeholders