Nadia Albaraghithi

Education Consultant MENA-SMART

Nadia Baraghithi is a passionate EdTech enthusiast, bringing over 13 years of diverse experience in educational solutions to the forefront. Her expertise extends across EdTech consulting, training, and the development of Early Childhood Development intervention programs. Nadia has had a profound impact, having successfully trained thousands of teachers in the Middle East and beyond. Her mission is to revolutionize traditional learning methods, advocating for an interactive approach enriched with 21st-century skills, all facilitated through the strategic implementation of various EdTech solutions.
Nadia, Education Consultant at SMART Technologies, is responsible for driving SMART pedagogy across schools in the Middle East by supporting educators to utilize and optimize the use of SMART’s educational platforms to develop the learning process, increase engagement in classrooms and enhance students’ outcomes.
Nadia started her career as a kindergarten teacher and continues to pursue her passion for education through implementing sustainable transformation.

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