Lucy Gowdie

Head of School Inter-Community School Zurich

Lucy Gowdie became the seventh Head of School at ICS in August 2022. Prior to her appointment, she was the Deputy Head of Peninsula Grammar School on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Victoria.

With over 20 years in both national and international education, Lucy believes that learning is the work and that the commitment to the vocation that is education should rightly place the students at the centre of all we do. The current Head of School at the Inter-Community School in Zurich, Lucy is a leader who believes that mission-driven focus transforms learning communities. With a Master’s Degree in International Education and Policy from the University of Sydney, Lucy believes in the potential of robust policy, defined by clear and transparent processes, so as to enable best practice in education. Ardent in her belief that the education of the whole child stems from the strength of partnerships with parents, the solidarity of the entire community, and the quality of the educators charged with inspiring learning; she is a leader who drives change through distributive, empathetic leadership.

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