Loretta Sanders

Consultant-Empowering Through Knowledge

Dr Loretta Sanders is a pillar in her community. She is an influential multi-award-winning leader, educational consultant, and NLP-certified transformational coach; who is passionate about helping others utilize their gifts.

Dr. Loretta Sanders works to empower, uplift, and encourage those around her with advanced degrees in education, theology, and counselling. She also holds elementary education, school administration, and mental health first aid certifications from the United States of America. With over 23 years of diverse experience in education, transformational coaching, and educational leadership, she has served as a classroom teacher, elementary curriculum director, school improvement team chairperson, academic head of schools, conference presenter, and trainer. Her expertise has taken her to stages, panels, and conferences worldwide, from the United States to Porto, Portugal, and throughout the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council).

Dr Loretta has an extensive history of working in educational settings and building high-performing teams. Her career is fueled by creativity, foresight, and a passion for making education accessible for all, from incubating new educational models to onboarding new teachers to leading education consulting organizations.

Dr Loretta’s commitment to serving others does not stop in education. Her ability to cultivate change and create a dynamic impact is evident through her transformational coaching and motivational speaking.

Dr Loretta has received numerous awards and accolades for her work in education and transformational coaching, including the Tech for Good Award, Excellence in Education & Theology Global Women Leadership Award, The Queen’s Tea- Community Award, and the Global Award for Innovative Leadership from International Institute for Governance and Development.

Dr. Loretta’s passion and commitment to serving others have created a huge global impact. Her personal quote is, “I would rather see my name in the books of many than only in the one of my own. We all rise together.” Her influence is palpable and brings about transformation. Dr. Loretta is excited to contribute, partner, and connect with other people and organizations, working to bring about change and transformation.

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