Loretta Sanders

Consultant-Empowering Through Knowledge

Dr Loretta Sanders is a Curriculum and Instruction Specialist who has gained her work experience in both North Carolina, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates. Over her 22-year career, she has held various curriculum-based leadership roles from Elementary Curriculum Director to Vice Principal overseeing Professional Development and School Programs to her current role as a Deputy Head Over Academics. Dr Loretta has led teams comprised of both teachers and Heads of Department in creating a rigorous and yet balanced curriculum using Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards while ensuring integration of 21st Century skills for a student population of 40 different nationalities. In her various Instructional Leadership roles, Dr Loretta has invested vast amounts of time researching and building her expertise in all related areas. Her passion is to share her knowledge and enthusiasm about this field with fellow educators and ultimately have an impact on learners in classrooms everywhere.

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