Hazel Govender

CEO/Principal GEMS Cambridge International school, Abu Dhabi

Hazel Govender first joined GEMS Cambridge International School – Abu Dhabi in 2016 and was appointed Principal/CEO in the summer of 2022 after six successful years serving the school and its community in a variety of roles. Hazel has worked in education for over 30 years, with the lion’s share of her experience based in her home country of South Africa, where she was principal of a primary school and a combined primary and secondary school.
Hazel holds a Bachelor of Education Degree (Intermediate and Senior) and a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Management from the University of Portsmouth, UK. Having majored in Psychology and with valuable experience working as a Life Coach, Hazel takes great pride in her working relationships, built on compassion, respect, integrity and understanding.
A passionate educator, Hazel strives to lead by example. Her vision is to change the world one learner at a time, rooted in her firm belief that all children can achieve and that every child deserves a champion in their lives – someone who will never give up on them and who will always insist on them becoming the best they possibly can be.

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