Gilda Scarfe

CEO and Founder Positive Action UK

Gilda Scarfe is the CEO and Founder of Positive Action UK a leading and innovative company using research to develop, implement and evaluate mental toughness, wellbeing and resilience programmes in schools. With an academic background in Philology, Law and Positive Psychology and over 15 years facilitating in business performance and education contexts, Gilda specialises in creating curriculums that are evidence-based, meaningful and make a powerful impression. An expert in helping young people understand and effectively play to their character strengths. She has worked with teams across the private and state-funded schools to promote and embed positive psychology in the PHSE curriculum. Her work has included strategic planning for designing, delivering and implementing wellbeing and mental toughness programmes in schools, framework redesign for primary and secondary schools, as well as strengths-based coaching using the VIA instrument. She has been responsible for the organisation and implementation of the Positive
Psychology/Education strategy at several grammar schools in the UK and has supported the strategic direction and implementation of Illuminate Education a non-profit organisation promoting Positive Education initiatives. Passionate about improving wellbeing and mental toughness in education through
innovative yet simple and clear interventions, Gilda is always keen to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners in making a practical and powerful impact to the world of education.

Transforming schools: the role of positive psychology and mental toughness in education