Emmanuel Keteku

Principal / CEO-GEMS Education

I am honoured to serve as the Principal CEO at GEMS Education. I focus on steering a child-centred organisation that aspires to achieve exceptional academic performance for all learners. With 25 years in education, I continuously refine my understanding of blending the best of British education with international perspectives, fostering a unique and joyful school culture.

In my role, I strive for a balanced and strategic approach, embracing a leadership style that values decisiveness. My interest lies in fostering innovation in teaching and learning, ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum that leads to moments that make us say ‘WOW.’ Building strong, empowered teams brings me immense joy, and I am dedicated to retaining and developing both managerial and educational talent.

A commitment to emotional intelligence, a steadfast dedication to inclusion, and a sincere respect for the rich diversity of cultures and societies guides my journey. It is my humble endeavour to contribute positively to the world of education.”

My Sessions