Dr. Joseph Williams III

Elementary School Principal

Dr Joseph Williams began his career as a K-12 educator in 1994 in the USA. He has a worked at the elementary, middle, and high school level. These experiences include the roles of Special Education Teacher, Regular Education Teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal. Joseph earned his bachelor’s degree from Liberty University, his master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University, and his doctorate degree in Educational Administration from California Coast University. He is currently completing his MBA degree from William Howard Taft University. Joseph lives his life with no limits! He is the author of the following four books:

#1. Build Your K12 Professional Brand!
#2. Take Control of your K12 Career!
#3. Mama Put Us First!
#4. How to Get Hired, Abroad, as a Teacher or Administrator!

Joseph is currently the elementary principal of Al Bayan Bilingual School in Kuwait. Joseph is married and has two amazing children. Joseph believes that school educators should build their personal brand to move ahead in their K12 career. He created myk12careerabroad.com to inform and empower K12 educators around the world to work abroad, travel the world, and live their dreams!

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