Dr Craig T Gabler

Science/STEM Education Consultant Horizons Educational Consulting

Dr Craig T. Gabler is a Science/STEM education consultant. Craig has a background in secondary science education and extensive experience in many levels of the education system in the US. He has worked as a classroom teacher, regional curriculum coordinator, consultant, maths/science director for a large school district, program supervisor at the state office of education and as a science consultant for American curriculum schools in the Middle East/North Africa region. At the state and national level, Dr Gabler has been active in science education leadership. He served as a writer for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), was President of the National Science Education Leadership Association, served a two-year term as president of the Washington Science Teachers Association and was on the board of the National Science Teachers Association. Along with passionately supporting the implementation of the NGSS, leadership and leadership development are areas of focus for Dr Gabler.

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