Donna McMaster

Director of Education Aldar Education

Donna is currently the Director of Education with Aldar Education in UAE.
Donna has experience as a Chief Officer in a corporate management team with the top-performing council in Scotland. She has played a significant role in ensuring highly effective governance leads to high performance.
Previously Head of Education with a proven track record of implementing transformational change across a range of Education Services. This includes providing strategic leadership to nurseries, primary and secondary schools in all aspects of Education.

She has experience of leading Schools, Performance and Quality Improvement teams and professional learning teams.
Donna was a member of the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, representing all Education Directors on many Government boards holding a pivotal role leading change on a local and national level, including shaping, and influencing early learning and childcare, and the national curriculum and assessment. Donna has experience in developing and implementing 3 – 18 curriculum models at school, local authority, and national level. She has embraced international research and evidence-based approaches to influence the direction of travel in education for many years.

Donna has successfully held three Principal posts, prior to her role as Head of Education.
In addition, Donna was a Professional Associate Inspector with Education in Scotland at the National Improvement agency, and was the national representative on the UCAS council.
Donna holds an honours Degree in Physics, Scottish Qualification for Headship and Diploma in Pastoral Support.

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