Christine Nasserghodsi

Cofounder Mirai

Christine Nasserghodsi is a doctoral candidate in organizational learning at the University of Pennsylvania and co-founder of Mirai Partners, a learning innovation consultancy. Christine’s journey with school change began when she worked as a literacy coach and principal apprentice in Baltimore, Boston,
and Philadelphia. In the UAE, she has worked as an ICT Advisor for ADEC (ADEK) and GEMS Education as the Head of Innovation Strategy (IRD) and Vice President (TELLAL). At GEMS, Christine was responsible for leading professional learning and development, educational research, and strategic partnerships for schools and corporate entities across the UAE. During this time, Christine developed Creating Communities of Innovation with Harvard University’s Project Zero to explore transforming schools through pedagogical, technological, and leadership innovation. She serves on the boards of Wellington International School, FirstPoint School, and Kindergarten Starters. Christine writes on innovation, education, technology, and entrepreneurship for Forbes and the Huffington Post.

Leading the human side of change