Charlotte Dawson

Nursery Manager at CreaKids

My name is Charlotte Dawson and I am the ECC Manager at CreaKids, Sustainable City Branch. I am originally from the rural English county of Shropshire and enjoying the natural world has always been embedded in my personal values.

Being a mother, I am driven by the prospect of conserving the environment for our children. It is my vision to build a community of articulate and responsible individuals, who have great empathy and a natural curiosity. As such, facilitating the autonomy of individuals, nurturing their growth and encouraging social responsibility are causes that are of great importance to me.

I originally graduated from the University of Wolverhampton in 2011 with a BEd in Primary Education and last year, I completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland. The focus of my Master’s thesis emphasised my passion for nurturing a connection to nature in Dubai and last year, I received the GESS award for ‘Ambassador for the Environment’ for my efforts in this region.

During my past eight years in educational leadership, I have been committed to developing organisations with a heart, a soul, a purpose. Over the past eleven years, I have enjoyed facilitating learning opportunities for students in Early Years right through to adults.

Alongside work and enjoying time with my husband and two young children, I continue to host community learning events, present at conferences and write for educational publications.

My Sessions